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The top three PPC ad positions yield over 41% of all clicks from a search engine. Our PPC account management specialists use their expertise and data analysis techniques to drive high quality ppc traffic that converts for your business.


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Data Led PPC Agency

The top three PPC ad positions yield over 41% of all clicks from a search engine. Our PPC account management specialists use their expertise and data analysis techniques to drive high quality ppc traffic that converts for your business.

A Data-Driven PPC Management Service

With over 10 years experience in managing PPC campaigns, our journey begins by firstly listening to you about your business goals and marketing needs. Using this information, we then create a mindmap of what we think your paid advertising should look like and deliver and use this base to build success upon.

Our PPC Managers will research into your business, your competitors and the online search landscape to find out whats working well and who for within your industry. If you have an existing PPC account, we will audit this too to better understand the current account structure, bidding strategies, ad qualities and opportunities. With our findings, we will then put together a bespoke PPC strategy for your business, working towards achieving the business goals set out at the beginning of our journey.

At POLARIS, we have a 4 step keyword research process we follow on every account. The result of this is the creation of a completely custom keyword matrix, per product or service which we then use to create every possible keyword permutation to include within our account structure. With this list, we then use our expertise to use the most appropriate match types to launch an account and manage budget on an ongoing basis. We use Broad Match to learn and harvest keywords, and we use other match types to control ad spend and target more specifically once we know which keywords are important to your PPC strategy.

We treat client budgets as if they are our own, and with this PPC Management mantra in mind we spend  very carefully and constantly analyse spend vs return to ensure we are winning. We analyse average positions against clicks, and clicks against inquiries/leads/sales. We trend this data over time to give a score to average positions and use this intelligence to scale your account activity with accuracy, overtime.

Our copywriters analyse competitor ads and use their own creativity to write eye catching ads that firstly command attention and then engage through emotion. Whether its value add, pricing, service, or humour, we aim to make our client ads stand out from the rest so that even if our ad appears in position 2 or 3, the ad copy is compelling enough to gain the click.

Improving performance requires constant analysis and testing. We analyse and split test ad copies & landing pages to find best performing variations which we can use and then split test further as we continue to squeeze as much RoI as possible from an account. Initially, we look to drive the best possible Click Through Rates (CTR) from our campaigns, and over time, we measure the conversion rates of landing pages, and finally resulting leads and sales being driven.

We have specific reports designed for both Business Owners and Marketing Managers, providing data and account information in the format best for you. We report on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, with 24/7 access through our digital reporting dashboard, Bright Metrics too. This helps us to keep you informed and our PPC strategy on track, with all success clearly documented ready for us to celebrate as we review every 3 months.


Targeted AdWords management Services to Reach Genuine Customers

Mixing PPC data with experience to deliver amazing PPC performance

Our ppc management service is underpinned by our experiences over the last 10 years and the ability to analyse data to make informed decisions. Whether we are inheriting an existing account or using our own data sources, we like to draw on evidence to help us decide which actions will result in improved campaign performance.

Fully Accredited PPC Account Managers

Our PPC Managers are all fully qualified across Google, Bing, and Facebook, able to utilise all the features that the platforms offer to drive your business a higher rate of return. We are constantly updating ourselves on the latest feature releases that are both planned and going live, so that we can consider how these can be used to fuel your campaigns with us. We attend industry events, and hold agency quiz nights to test and share digital knowledge.

Focused on Driving Quality PPC Leads & Sales from the Right Customers

Our experience has shown that its not just about driving clicks, its about understanding exactly who we want to click and target those users specifically. This approach allows our campaigns to have a higher conversion rate, from initial click through to onsite conversion, whether its to enquire over the phone or buy a product online.

Targeting PPC users through engaging story telling and creative ad writing

Whilst we analyse ppc data in the back office, we also pay a significant amount of time focusing on the communications that we make through ppc advertising for our clients. We consider the ppc competitive landscape, what competitors are (or are not) saying, user sentiment on a keyword or adgroup basis, and your business – i’e what you have to offer that’s unique to the market. We marry this together along with our expert story tellers to create ppc ad and page copy that performs 27% better.

Weekly & Monthly PPC Reporting through our proprietary platform, Bright Metrics

Bright metrics is our reporting tool that gives you 24/7 access to your PPC account performance. At the click of a button you are able to login and view your PPC campaign progress, coupled with google analytics data, all within a single dashboard. We provide weekly snapshot updates from our PPC account managers too, giving you both data and real world insight so that you can understand very clearly what you are getting from your partnership with us.

Making your business shine the brightest

Our approach to PPC Management starts by analysing your business goals and devising a PPC strategy for new website visitors and engaging existing website visitors. Today, a client needs more than just a PPC search campaign, you need a PPC strategy with multiple campaigns across multiple platforms.

We love writing unique, engaging ad copies; integrating PPC ad extensions to their full extent, and third party tools too including star ratings and reviews. All of this combined results in our clients having fantastic click through rates and engagement onsite leading to enquiries and sales.

"I love our Weekly Wednesday updates. This is when I get to reflect on the last 7 days activity and how much business Ive driven for my clients" James Cook, PPC Manager

Facebook paid campaigns, Google search campaigns, and YouTube video campaigns all work together to ensure you are putting your brand and products in front of a potential buyer, as often as relevantly possible. We analyse your market and your existing performance to achieve this for you, driving a clear increase in conversions through PPC and overall sales online.

Our PPC Managers take the time to get to know you and your business, and use this information to effectively position your advertising campaigns to stand out amongst competitors and win not only the click, but also the customer sale.

We work with trades, retailers, travel companies, B2B services, and learning and development businesses to drive more potential buyers onto their business websites. We focus on understanding the target audience and targeting them as specifically as possible, as this ensures your business is being exposed to the right people and budget is being spent on driving the right personas.

We understand seasonality, and the need to move budget around based on product launches and market changes. We therefore forward plan, using marketing and business calendars to stay ahead of any trends and have sufficient time to plan and run the best campaigns possible.

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