How can a website impact and grow your business

Whenever a customer would come to know about your organisation, the first thing he/she will do is to go online and check the website. Gone are the days when people asked for business cards or visiting cards, instead now website url  is preferred.

According to statistics, 81% of customers conduct online search before making a purchase decision.” Your business will be lost if a customer is unable to find your website.

Quick benefits:

  • Helps to stand against competitors
  • Boosts credibility
  • Improves visibility and creates online presence
  • Generate leads

However, it is better not to have a website instead of having a bad website. A good website clearly explains your business, while a website with no significant information or a point of contact will lose the customer’s interest. Also, your website is available for a user 24*7.

Following are the 5 important reasons why it is MUST for a business to have a website:

  • Create web presence

By establishing an online presence of your business, you will not be restricted to the physical location of your business. This will create more opportunities to increase sales.

  • Persuade customers

Online presence of your business will help you to target prospect customers who are outside your physical reach. Through a website, you can give them information about your products and services and convince them to make a buying decision. A great website will build trust and reputation amongst customers.

  • Give information

A customer will always want information about your product or service before making a purchase. A website is the best medium to provide information about the same. Well, you will not be able to reach out to each customer physically for informing about your business, a website will help you to play that role by targeting multiple customers at one time.

  • Market online

You would be amazed to see that a website of your business can actually bring customers quickly. People do not have time to look for each product physically at a store. When he/she knows that he/she can save time by doing the same online, it is very obvious that the purchase decision would also be made online. It is the simple logic that if you are not online, you will lose business eventually.

  • Generate leads and sales

Even if the customer does not make a purchase, you have already generated a lead for your business. The name of your business is registered on a customer’s mind and he/she may come back to your website in future. He/she can also refer your website to other people through other forms of online medium. That lead can be converted into sales as there are no time limitations as if the customer changes his/her mind later and decides to purchase a product, he/she can come at any time to your website and buy the product, which is impossible for a physical store.

Creating and maintaining a website can be complex. Hence you need to be professional, incorporate the correct information, invlove customers by getting feedback and create a mobile-friendly website. So, step up and show your business everywhere, literally!

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